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IntelliCred & Webview - Service Level Agreement

Objectives And Scope

IntelliCred is a physician management system used by the Independent Practice Association (IPA). With IntelliCred, the IPA maintains accurate, easily accessible data on current IPA status and insurance participation of Physician Organization (PO) physicians, as well as physician demographics, affiliations, practices, specialties, and licensure. IntelliCred also facilitates managed care applications for PO physicians.

Webview, a secure web-based module that works in conjunction with IntelliCred for Windows, streamlines the managed care application process for the credentialing of PO physicians by condensing the period from when a department hires a provider to when the provider is credentialed with an insurance plan by the IPA.


The system is design to handle the data and credentials for all Physician Organization practitioners.


IntelliCred and Webview services are expected to be available outside a two-hour weekly maintenance window. Often, maintenance does not affect availability, but if it might, there will be advance notice.

ITS cannot guarantee service levels when faced with circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Electrical or network outages or disruptions
  • Equipment failure unrelated to abuse or neglect
  • Attacks on the WCMC network


What Is Included

Ability for administrative staff of WCMC departments with physicians who are enrolled in the IPA to access Webview. Webview provides administrative staff with the eligibility to request the addition of newly hired PO physicians and make necessary updates to existing providers' identity, location, contact information, and credentials

Support from 7AM-7PM Monday thru Friday, with best effort support for system interruptions during after-hours

System Responsiveness

Access to records and the ability to perform updates should occur within 30 seconds average.


  • Provided at no additional cost.

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