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Research Data Storage Core - Service Level Agreement

Objectives And Scope

Research Data Storage Core (RDSC) facility provides secure networked storage space for investigators' electronic research data, such as research imaging, micro array and sequencing data. For more information, please visit the Research Data Storage Core page.


Private Investigators' are eligible for an initial 25GB of storage.


The file server is expected to be available outside a two-hour weekly maintenance window. Often, maintenance does not affect availability, but if it might, there will be advance notice.

ITS cannot guarantee service levels when faced with circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Electrical or network outages or disruptions
  • Equipment failure unrelated to abuse or neglect
  • Attacks on the WCMC network


What Is Included

  • 25GB of storage per PI
  • Virus protection
  • Access and disk usage reporting
  • Ability for the principal investigator to decide permissions for team members to access their folder
  • Collaboration between different research groups in RDSC through designated Dropbox folder functionality
  • Option to purchase additional data storage space in 100GB increments
  • Remote access via Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) client
  • Support from 7AM-7PM Monday thru Friday, with best effort support for system interruptions during after-hours

System Responsiveness

Files are expected to be downloadable at a rate of 20MB per second.


Storage is free for data up to 25GB in size. For costs associated with additional storage space, please visit the Research Data Storage Core page.

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