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Screen Sharing - Service Level Agreement

Objectives And Scope

Adobe Connect allows two or more users in different locations to view and edit data stored on one person's computer or in an electronic whiteboard. In addition, users can share control of a single software application residing on a person's machine, conduct polls, and share files in real-time amongst the participants.


Adobe Connect can support up to 40 users across all concurrent "ad-hoc" meetings in the system. Seats are non-reservable and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Meetings held in licensed Seminar Rooms do not count against this 40 users limitation.


Adobe Connect service is expected to be available outside a two-hour weekly maintenance window. Often, maintenance does not affect availability, but if it might, there will be advance notice.

ITS cannot guarantee service levels when faced with circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Electrical or network outages or disruptions
  • Equipment failure unrelated to abuse or neglect
  • Attacks on the WCMC network


What Is Included - Basic Service

  • Ability for multiple users to collaborate in real time.
  • Video and VoIP tools allow users to see and hear each other.
  • File sharing, polling, and Q&A tools are available as needed.
  • Access to WCMC Connect is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Support from 7AM-7PM Monday thru Friday, with best effort support for system interruptions during after-hours

What Is Included - Enhanced Service

Departments or groups with a desire to provide a dedicated area for their staff to collaborate over Adobe Connect can purchase licensing for a Seminar Room. This licensing provides a persistent room that is controlled by the department. Occupancy of a Seminar Room is not affected by other system utilization.

System Responsiveness

There is an expectation that both the Adobe Connect presenter and session attendees will be able to perform their required actions (sharing screen, taking control) with steady performance, with limited execution times within 15 seconds of screen action.


  • Basic service is provided at no additional charge.
  • Purchase of a "Seminar Room" is available at $5,185 for the first year, and $800 for support and maintenance in following years.

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