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Smartphone & Mobile Device Policy

User Responsibility

Smartphones and mobile devices that are used to access the internal WCM network or to synchronize WCM data to the phone (e.g., email, contacts, calendars, etc.) must be centrally managed by Information Technologies & Services (ITS) through MobileIron. WCMC faculty or staff who wish to purchase a smartphone or mobile device must contact their division or department administrator. ITS can provide recommendations on the appropriate device to meet the user's needs and assist the department in contacting the appropriate vendor.

The user is responsible for:

  • Settling any service or billing disputes with the carrier
  • Purchasing any required software not provided by the manufacturer, wireless carrier, or ITS under a site license agreement
  • Registering the device and maintaining any necessary warranty information
  • Battery replacement due to failure or loss of ability to hold a charge
  • Backing up all data, settings, media, and applications
  • ITS will not provide support:
    • Third-party or "beta" release software, unless explicitly listed as being a supported application
    • Non-approved mobile devices using WCMC synchronization and application services

Security Policy

All WCMC faculty, staff, students and guest account holders, who own a smartphone or mobile device that synchronizes information with WCMC resources, are responsible for securing their device to prevent sensitive data from being lost or compromised, viruses being spread, and other forms of abuse of Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) computing infrastructure. If a smartphone or mobile device is lost, stolen, or believed to be compromised, the incident should be reported to ITS immediately.

The following guideline ensures that the Weill Cornell Medical College community has a clear understanding of proper procedure and usage. ITS reserves the right to modify this guideline to address any concerns that can potentially cause a disruption of services to the institution.

Protect Your Mobile Device
To ensure that data accessed through your mobile device is secure, especially in the event that it is misplaced, stolen or believed to be compromised, all smartphones and PDAs synchronizing with WCMC resources are subject to the following.

  • A "PIN" consisting of at least 6 characters. It is recommended that the pin be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters
  • The timeout for the PIN should be set to a minimum of 30 minutes. Some devices allow this setting to be adjusted to be more or less than 30 minutes
  • A user is allowed 10 attempts to enter the PIN correctly. If the PIN is entered incorrectly 10 times, the device will be reset to "factory settings" to be unlocked
  • Password should be changed periodically, recommended time is every 6 months
  • Encryption is enabled on the device

NOTE: Users with MobileIron installed or Blackberry users who connect to the WCMC Exchange Service will have the aforementioned settings automatically enabled on their device through each service's security policy.

Install Antivirus Software
Although rare, mobile devices are just as susceptible to viruses as desktop or laptop computers. Industry analysts expect viruses, Trojans, spam, and all manner of scams to increase dramatically as the demand and use of mobile devices grow. Not all mobile devices have antivirus software, but a number of vendors do offer antivirus and antispam solutions for some devices, which include Norton AntivirusF-Secure, and Trend Micro Mobile

Report Stolen or Lost Device
If your mobile device is misplaced, stolen or believe to be compromised, promptlyreport it to the ITS Service Desk. In some cases, as in the mobile device connected to the WCMC Exchange Service, a device can be remotely deactivated and data purged to prevent email or other sensitive data from being exposed as long as the device has a live connection. It is important that you make a note of the ITS tag of your device which we can use to identify the model and vendor.

Use Encryption
Account and password information passed over any wireless network should always be encrypted. If your device does not have native encryption functionality but supports Wi-Fi capability, you can access WMC Secure (on campus) and other Wi-Fi networks. Clinical applications are 128-bit encrypted.

If your device supports encryption, enable it and make sure that your sensitive documents are encrypted. Some devices will automatically encrypt these documents and others will present you with the option.

Disable Unused Options and Applications
Reduce security risk by limiting the use of your device to only necessary applications and services. In addition, other benefits are extended battery life, increased memory storage, increased application performance, efficient synchronization time and reduced management of security updates for applications. Bluetooth and Infrared (IR) are services that should be configured properly or turned off because they can potentially pose a risk to your device and data.

Perform Regular Data Backups
Back up your data on a regular basis in case your mobile device is lost, damaged or loses battery life. Multiple backup mechanisms are available to fit your needs. For example, use a portable device when you travel to backup your data

Dispose of Your Device Safely
When you are ready to dispose of your device or return it to the vendor, be sure to remove all sensitive information first. The device should be restored to "factory defaults" which can be accomplished by a "hard reset." Contact the ITS Service Desk if you need assistance in resetting the device.

Charge Your Mobile Device
When not in use, always charge your mobile device. The loss of power can potentially cause all stored information to be erased.

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