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Wiki - Service Level Agreement

Objectives And Scope

Nexus is the WCMC wiki service, allowing instant publishing of content to the web using only a web browser. Individual Wiki sections called "spaces" are provided to collaborate on documents, projects, and work as needed.

Nexus is intended for use in WCMC internal collaboration.


There are no defined limitations on the number of Wiki sections or entries that are executed within the Nexus service. This is not design for File Sharing Services. Attachments should be less than 100 files per site.


Wiki (Nexus) service is expected to be available outside a two-hour weekly maintenance window. Often, maintenance does not affect availability, but if it might, there will be advance notice.

ITS cannot guarantee service levels when faced with circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Electrical or network outages or disruptions
  • Equipment failure unrelated to abuse or neglect
  • Attacks on the WCMC network


What Is Included - Basic service

  • Access to Nexus and all college-wide spaces.
  • A personal "space" for maintaining a web presence.
  • Authoring tools to create and maintain your content.
  • Granular access controls for protecting your documents.
  • Support from 7AM-7PM Monday thru Friday, with best effort support for system interruptions during after-hours

What Is Included - Enhanced Service

Spaces can be created for departments, working groups, project teams, or other collaborative entities as desired.

System Responsiveness

The Nexus Wiki service should respond to requests/queries for posted documents and items within 30 seconds on average at most.


  • Provided at no additional cost to users with an active email account.

Need Help?

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M-F 9am-6pm
Sat. 10am-6pm
Sun. 12pm-8pm

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