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Electronic Routing Form

Also known as

Also known as: 
  • ERF

The ERF system is used to create an ERF, which must be submitted for every grant and contract proposal for extramural funding that is routed to the Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA) or the Joint Clinical Trials Office (JCTO). Principal Investigators (PI) or their proxies must complete an ERF and then the PI must submit it. The ERF then routes for approvals, ultimately arriving in OSRA or JCTO. 

The ERF system is used by WCMC personnel who participate in grant or contract proposals in the following capacities: Principal Investigator and proxies, Key Personnel and proxies, Division Chief and designates, Department Chair and designates, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) approvers, Information Technology & Services (ITS) approvers, and staff members of the Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA) and the Joint Clinical Trials Office (JCTO). The ERF system also sends notification email messages to people who can/must interact with the system as well as to people and offices who do not interact directly with the system.

Service Requirements

The ERF system is accessible only through the WCMC network or VPN with an authorized account.



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Access to ERF can be requested by emailing  

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