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Managing Your Subscriptions

In addition to the mandatory broadcast list, there are multiple optional broadcast lists that you can choose to subscribe to.

In order to manage your subscription to these lists, you must first log in to myProfile. At the bottom of the page you will find an area titled "Email List Subscriptions". Click on the "Edit" link to enter the Subscription Management screen.

From here you can manage what email lists you are subscribed to, change your email subscription type, view the email lists' RSS Feed, and send an email to one of the secondary lists.

The subscription types are:

  • None: Do not receive emails sent to this list.
  • Regular: Receive each individual email sent to this list.
  • Daily Digest: Receive one email per day of all the emails sent to this list in HTML format. This happens at 6PM.

There are icons along the title of each list. These icons allow you to:

  • RSS Feed : View the RSS feed address for this email list so you can subscribe with your favorite RSS Reader.
  • Archive : Click this to view the list archive.
  • Email : Click this to send an email to the list.

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