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Adobe Acrobat Professional


Link goes to the service page

Adobe Creative Cloud

Link goes to the service page

Cisco VPN Client


This link is only accessible when outside of our WCMC network. To download VPN on campus, please use BigFix on your tagged device.

Windows Defender

ITS suggests using an Anti-Virus / Malware Protection tool such as Windows Defender. Please visit the Windows Defender site to make sure Defender is running and up-to-date for your personal, non-tagged device.

Ignite Realtime Spark


42.5 MB

WCM Talk instant messaging client.

Microsoft Office 2016


WCM's Microsoft Campus Agreement covers ITS-supported computers. If you'd like to use Office 2016 on a non-tagged, personal computer for use during your employment at WCM for free, please check out Option 1 on this How to Guide

Skype for Business

Available on Software Center for download for institutional ITS-managed devices.

Schrodinger Suites (x64/64-bit)

4.4 GB

For application support please contact Schrodinger.
Phone: (503) 299-1150
To obtain a license key, please register your request at the Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute.


16 MB


137 MB

Due to licensing agreements with Schrodinger, the software will ONLY work on ITS tagged computers while connected to the WCMC network or connected with client VPN.

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