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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the minimum amount of computation that can be purchased?

A: Right now it's a core-year, designated as 8585 core-hours. The cost is $400 per year. 

Q: How does this compare with Amazon?

A: Amazon typically provides spot instances that are overprovisioned; RedCloud Secure provides dedicated resources for as long as the user keeps the instance running. 

Q: How do I get access to RedCloud?

A: To request access to Red Cloud, fill out the request form in myHelpdesk or ServiceNow. Click here to see the video for finding and filling out the form. Only fund owners or their designees may make a request for RedCloud.

Q: How can I manage and reduce costs for Red Cloud?

A: Do not leave virtual machines running when no work is being performed.

Q: Can I access Red Cloud remotely?

A: Yes, but only via VPN.

Q: Can I access Red Cloud through a mobile device?

A: Yes for the service portal, though not supported. User hosts might be mobile-reachable, but only through the WCM network.

Q: How secure is RedCloud?

A: RedCloud utilizes the following features to provide security:

User Authentication
Red Cloud accepts two types of user authentication: password and AWS-style keys consisting of 2 randomly generated strings. The user name and password is authenticated against CAC's Active Directory.

User Access Management
Group and user polices can be used for controlling access on a per-resource basis.

Instance Access Control
Red Cloud utilizes security groups and elastic IP addresses. Instances have no access to network packets belonging to other instances outside their own security groups.

Security Group
Each instance (virtual machine) is assigned a security group at launch time. A security group is a private network in the
cloud where network access between instances in the same security group is unrestricted. Access to an instance from outside its security group is subject to the group's access rules. Users can define the access rules by protocol, source IP address and destination port. Instances have unrestricted outbound access to the Internet.

Elastic IP Address
Each instance is assigned a private IP address belonging to its security group at launch time. Users can optionally reserve fixed public IP addresses that they can assign to their instances. Assigning a reserved public address to a running instance takes just a few seconds and does not require rebooting the instance.

Q: Who is eligible to use RedCloud?

A: Anyone with valid funding may use this service.

Q: What help and support is available for Red Cloud?

A: You can find a navigation guide here. For additional support, contact the Service Desk or create a ticket in myHelpdesk.

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