11.10 - Web Proxy


WCMC has implemented a Web proxy on the campus network. The Web proxy is an integral component of WCMC's network security program, sitting in between the user and the Internet (see diagram below). When a user requests Web resources (such as a Web site) from inside the WCMC network, the proxy will evaluate the request and respond according to its filtering rules.

By using a Web proxy to act as an intermediary between the user and the Internet, users will benefit from security features that protect them from harmful Web content while continuing to experience a high level of network performance and access to required resources.

A Web proxy has the ability to perform the following services:

  • Filter Web content and block access to malicious Web sites
  • Scan transmitted content for malware or other harmful material
  • Inspect and intercept certain network traffic to prevent data loss
  • Increase network performance by caching (storing) commonly-used resources

The Web proxy is designed to provide these services without negatively affecting network performance and user experience.

Entities Affected By This Policy

The Weill Cornell Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences

  • Responsible Executives: WCMC Chief Information Officer
  • Responsible Department: Information Technologies and Services
  • Dates: Issued: Interim, April 8th, 2011. Final Issuance: April 8th, 2011
  • Contact: Information Technologies and Services

Reason for Policy

The Web proxy is being used in conjunction with other WCMC security tools to protect confidential data. The purpose of this policy document is to provide an overview of the Web proxy on the WCMC network, and to educate users on the proxy's features and benefits.


WCMC community members should not expect that personal communications will remain private and/or confidential. While the college permits generally unhindered use of its information technology resources, those who use WCMC information technology resources do not acquire, and should not expect, a right of privacy.


The Web proxy is currently monitoring network traffic on select areas of the campus network. WCMC community members should not notice any significant change in their network performance, and should continue to abide by existing policies for appropriate use of ITS resources as provided in the ITS polices page.

For additional information about the web proxy, please reference the Web Proxy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Policy Download: 
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