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For an annual fee, ITS will tag your computer, making it eligible for encryption, network connectivity, and full support. If you'd like a quote on hardware, please fill out the Quote Request Form on our myHelpdesk site.

An ITS-supported computer allows you to connect to the WCM network and access selected services, such as those detailed in other sections of this website. Departments, faculty, staff and students are strongly encourage to purchase computers that adhere to ITS standard hardware and minimum requirements. Standard Hardware is chosen with performance, price and functionality in mind; as well as compatibility with our IT management systems allowing support for these models with greater efficiency. You can find more details on ITS Supported computer models here.

ITS provides a higher tier cost to support for Non-Standard Hardware. See costs and fees below. 

Open vs. Locked Devices

ITS supports two states of desktop and laptop computers: Open and Locked.  All Non-Standard computers are configured in an Open state.

Standard Open Desktops and Laptops are unrestricted and users have full administrative rights to the computer. Users can install software directly on these systems with no assistance from ITS. These systems are intended for people who need to install software on their computers, or otherwise use them unique ways (i.e. connect them to many peripherals, travel extensively with them, etc.).

Standard Locked Desktops and Laptops are restricted. They come with a base set of software, including Windows, Microsoft Office, iTunes, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and cannot be modified without ITS. These systems are intended for people who perform a specific set of predictable tasks (i.e. use Epic, email, department specific applications, or Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel) and who do not need to typically install software. Locked desktop and laptop computers must adhere to strict make and model requirements as defined by ITS. Departments wishing to purchase locked desktops and laptops should consult with ITS regarding the specific systems to purchase.

Non-Standard desktops and laptops are computers that are not on the standard list of hardware. ITS does not maintain software and hardware drivers for non-standard hardware which can result in a longer time to repair the equipment and may incur consultation fees.

Researchers are eligible for special pricing for desktop and laptop support. Users are given full administrative rights to their computer. Device can be standard or non-standard.

Standard Computer Support - Eligible Models

Visit our Standard Computers page for more information.

Other Policies

All devices (laptops and desktops) will be encrypted before access is granted on the WCMC network. For more information, please reference the encryption policy.

We recommend purchasing all Apple desktops and laptops with the Apple Care Protection Plan.

Replacement Cycle (End of Life)

All laptop computers (Mac and Windows) are recommended to be replaced on a 3-4 year cycle, at most. All desktop computers (Mac and Windows) should be replaced on a 4-year cycle, at most. ITS recommends that departments consider purchasing an extended warranty for computers older than 3 years.

What's Included

  • Remote and onsite support for most major hardware types.
  • Network connectivity to all major WCMC IT services.
  • Coordination of in- and out-of-warranty hardware repairs, as well as access to loaner/replacement hardware (in some instances). For hardware not provided by one of our recommended vendors, ITS can facilitate in and out of warranty repair within reasonable limits.
  • Disposal of computers, including erasing hard drives (provided by WCMC Environmental Health and Safety).

Cost and Fees

Current pricing for this service is available on our Rates page under three categories, depending on your device: Standard Devices, Research Devices, and Non-Standard Devices.

Service Requirements

These are the minimum requirements needed for desktops and laptops:

Microsoft Windows Computers:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Processor/Clock Speed: Intel Core i5 Processor (i7 preferred)
  • Internal Hard Drive: 250GB or higher 256GB+ SSD or SATA
  • Memory (RAM): 8GB Recommended
  • Security Chip (TPM): TPM 1.2
  • Monitor: 24" Widescreen LCD w/1920x1080 resolution (flat panel)
  • Peripherals: Microsoft LifeCam (for Epic)

Apple Macintosh Computers:

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher
  • Processor/Clock Speed: Intel Core i5 Processor (i7 preferred)
  • Internal Hard Drive: 250GB or higher 256GB+ SSD or SATA
  • Memory (RAM): 8GB Recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of computer should I use at WCM?

A: ITS recommends several devices that are compatible with our security standards and applications used at WCM. For more information, please visit our Supported Computers page, as well our Operating Systems page to ensure you are compliant with our standards.

Q: I am purchasing a standard computer with institution funds but it will be used strictly off-campus. What should I do?

A: Please contact for assistance. 

Q: I want to buy one of the standard Dell bundles but need more memory or a bigger hard drive. What should I do?

A: Customers can now customize Dell bundles directly in the SciQuest Dell Punch-out site. You do not need to request a quote from our Procurement team. The pre-configured bundles are set with options that allow for faster shipping. While things like hard drive and memory can be upgraded, there will be an additional cost and will require 2-3 weeks to configure.

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