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Red Cloud Secure

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • RedCloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Research Cloud

Red Cloud Secure offers secure virtual servers and associated on-demand storage within a virtual private cloud (VPC) Because charges are only made for resources used, the service is a streamlined alternative to purchasing and maintaining separate and usually  more costly infrastructure. 

In minutes, you can deploy hosts with 1-24 cores, 8 GB/core RAM, and multiple TB of disk, including separate volumes accessible to hosts within the VPC. Additionally, you can seamlessly scale to Amazon Web Services if your usage outgrows the capacity of Red Cloud Secure.

Red Cloud Secure is self-service; ITS will provide further assistance as part of our consultation services.

Unsure if Red Cloud Secure meets your storage needs? Use our Storage Wizard to help you find the most suitable option.

What's Included

  • 50 GB of storage for each virtual private cloud (VPC); additional storage is available at added cost
  • User management of hosts 
    • Instances and instance types 
    • Root keypairs 
    • Block storage  

To backup your data, please use a departmental file server.

Cost and Fees

Current pricing for this service is available on our Rates page under the “Red Cloud Service” category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the minimum amount of computation that can be purchased?

A: Right now it's a core-year, designated as 8585 core-hours. The cost is $400 per year. 

Q: How do I get access to RedCloud?

A: To request access to Red Cloud, fill out the request form in myHelpdesk or ServiceNow. Click here to see the video for finding and filling out the form. Only fund owners or their designees may make a request for RedCloud.

Q: How can I manage and reduce costs for Red Cloud?

A: Do not leave virtual machines running when no work is being performed.



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