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Billing Policy

Reason For Policy

In order to provide a regular streamlined process for cost recovery, ITS has implemented the following standards for its billing processes.

Services and Charges

ITS provides three types of services:

  • Services for devices, such as network connectivity, user support, or licensing of software;
  • Services for people, such as email, calendar, and VPN accounts;
  • Services for groups, such as file sharing, database hosting, and application development.

Services provided by ITS may have recurring or one-time costs associated with them. Each service with associated costs will have a clear statement in the ITS Service Catalog of the rate (how much is charged per length of time) and the unit (what basis charges are incremented along).

Should costs change for any services, notifications will be send to the ITS-BILLING list. Changes to charges will go into effect no sooner than one full billing cycle after being announced.

ITS bills for many services on a monthly basis. 

Billing Cycles

The monthly billing cycle runs from the 25th of the prior month through the 24th of the billable month. For example, the "FY11 August" billing batch will include charges for July 25th, 2010 through August 24th, 2010. Due to fiscal year closure, the July billing batch will include charges from June of the previous fiscal year.

ITS services are post-paid. Charges in a given billing cycle are for services rendered during that billing cycle, not the forthcoming cycle.

One-time fees (such as connection, relocation, or disconnection charges) and consulting services will be charged against the billing cycle during which the work related to the fee occurred and the request was completed.

All departments must adhere to this uniform billing cycle. Variances from this procedure must be vetted and approved by at least two of the following:

  • the ITS Departmental Administrator (Daniel Splitgerber)
  • the ITS Deputy CIO for Operations (Josh Gluck)
  • the CIO (Dr. Curtis Cole)

Monthly Billing Batches

A monthly billing batch provides each department with a complete statement of all services rendered for a given month.

Billing batches are identified in the following format: FY##-##-#, where:

  • FY## is the identifier for the fiscal year in which the batch occurred.
  • ## is a sequential identifier for unique batches within that fiscal year. The first batch of the fiscal year will be 01, the second 02, and so on.
  • # is a sequential identifier for unique revisions and versions of a particular batch. A "0" indicates the initial version of a batch. This identifier may be incremented for major revisions or for error correction batches (see below).

Billing batches also have a text description, such as "ITS October Billing 2010".

Access to Billing Batches

Read-only access is provided to processed batches in myITS. Batches will remain available in the system for a minimum of 12 months.

Unrecoverable Charges & Error Correction

ITS occasionally is unable to recover funds for provided services. This can be for a variety of reasons:

  • Data entry or transcription errors
  • Fund number expiration or holds
  • Disallowed use of grant funds (per Research Accounting)

Should ITS be unable to recover the funds from the account number recorded for the device or service, the ITS Billing team will contact the appropriate departmental administrator for the charges. The DA may provide a valid fund number within twenty days of notification. Charges that remain uncollected will be moved to the following month's charges.

This correction for collection against unrecoverable accounts is complied into a separate batch referred to as an "Error Correction". The batch number will be similar to that of the primary batch, with the last identifier incremented. Error Correction batches will be run approximately twenty days after the monthly batch is run. Charges run as part of Error Correction will not be reversed under any circumstances.

ITS reserves the right to terminate service when funds can not be collected within thirty days.

Modifications To Billing Information

Departmental Administrators are expected to:

  • review the billing batches as they becomes available;
  • notify ITS of any changes of fund numbers to be charged for any services;
  • notify ITS of any changes to the "user" of tagged computers;
  • notify ITS if fund numbers have expired

Should a department desire to modify the information relating to billing for a particular service, such as changing the account for a computer tag, re-allocating email addresses, or canceling service, the request must be submitted in writing (email, fax, or interoffice mail acceptable) detailing the changes requested.

Changes to billing data must be received by close of business on the 23rd (or preceding business day should the 23rd not be a business day) of a given month to be utilized in the billing cycle for that month.

Use of Grant Funds

Services and systems that directly support research activities may generally be charged to a grant. Services and systems used indirectly for research but that also support activities besides research are generally not charged to grants. In some cases, there are particular facts and circumstances or specific regulations that determine if a service or system may be charged all or in part to a grant.

Please note that ITS can only accept a single fund number per device or user to have services billed for. Splitting of charges across multiple grant or non-grant funds must be handled by the client department.

For more information, please see the Guidelines for Charging ITS Fees to Grants.

Disputing Charges / Refund Procedure

ITS will only issue refunds if billing modifications (including device disconnections) were requested in writing by a given cycle deadline, but not applied to the billing batch appropriately. Refunds may only be requested for the previous three billing cycles within the current fiscal year. Charges made over 90 days in the past, or in a previous fiscal year, are not eligible for refunds.

Refunds will be processed manually on an as-needed basis within three business days of a review of the disputed charges.

Refunds will not be provided for any reasons beyond those listed above, including but not limited to:

  • Billing info changes requested after a batch is run.
  • Lack of use of services.
  • Dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Prorated Charges

If a device is requested to be connected mid-cycle, ITS will bill a percentage of the charge for the month, from the beginning of the day that the connection request was fulfilled through the end of the last day of the billing cycle. The percentage will be rounded to the nearest tenth.

If a device is requested to be disconnected mid-cycle, ITS will bill a percentage of the charge for the month, from the beginning of the cycle through the end of the day that the disconnect request is received. The percentage will be rounded to the nearest tenth.

Please note that pro-rated charges are in addition to any one-time fees applied as part of a service request.

Department Y requests a new computer be connected on August 15th. The connection occurs on August 20th.

Billable days: August 20th through August 24th = 5 days of service.

5 days / 31 days in the cycle = 16.1% prorated charge.

Department X requests that a computer be disconnected on August 4th. The disconnection occurs on August 8th.
Billable days: July 25th through August 4th = 11 days of service.

11 days / 31 days in the cycle = 35.5% prorated charge.

Non-Core Service Billing

Services that do not get billed as part of the monthly billing process are collected separately as necessary. Please contact the service owner or the ITS Billing Analyst for more information regarding billing timing for non-core services.

Escalation Procedure

In the event of dissatisfaction with the billing procedure, escalation should follow the following path:

  1. Odalys Rey, ITS Billing Analyst
  2. Daniel Splitgerber, ITS Departmental Administrator
  3. Josh Gluck, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Operations
  4. Dr. Curtis Cole, Chief Information Officer

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