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Change menu closing on your phone

If you need to close your menu and send callers directly to the off hours message, please follow these instructions. Additionally, these directions are useful for resuming normal business operations, and recording/deleting the emergency announcement that plays before the standard menu: 

Call 646-WMC-MENU (646-962-6368 or 16368) and follow the recorded directions:

  1. Enter your menu number.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press:
  • 1 to close your menu – will send callers directly to your off hours menu
  • 2 to resume normal business operations – resumes to play the appropriate menu based on your business hours (NOTE: If you do not resume normal business operations after an early closing, your menu will remain closed the next business day.
  • 3 to record your emergency announcement (only applicable to some menus). Once you press 3, you can:
    • Press 1 to record the announcement, # to stop recording (Examples include closing due to inclement weather, staff training, etc. Your regular time controlled greeting will still play after this announcement.)
    • Press 2 to review the current announcement
    • Press 3 to delete the announcement, allowing callers to go straight to your standard menu greeting (NOTE: If you make a mistake on your recording, just press 1 again to re-record.)

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