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In a call center, incoming calls are pooled together into a queue and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis to an available agent. This schema provides the work group with an even workload and your callers with optimum service. Calls can be overflowed to another group of agents should the call volume increase within a given time frame. Real-time and historical reporting features provide supervisors with the information they need to improve their call service levels by making adjustments in the distribution of calls. ITS provides three call center solutions:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) distributes calls evenly among multiple customer service representatives or agents ensuring all calls in the queue are answered by the first available agent
  • Skills Based Routing (SBR) distributes calls based on the subject matter of the callers' question based on the system tracking specific skills with each agent
  • Reporting provides measurements of the performance of the various parts of the call center such as average hold time for a particular agent, skill set, time of day, etc.

What's Included

  • Initial meeting to document call center requirements
  • Design meeting to ensure requirements and review proposed design
  • Development of call center configuration
  • Testing of call center service with customers
  • Deployment of call center service

Cost and Fees

This service is provided at $15 per month for each Call Center-enabled phone.



Use this service

To request creation of a Call Center, please contact the Service Desk. A member of our communications team reach out to discuss design and requirements.

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