Accounts and Access

Weill Cornell users gain access to data and information systems through the use of a unique identifier, the center-wide ID ("CWID") and user-maintained password.

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Business Applications

Weill Cornell Medical College operates multiple applications for administrative operations, compliance, and productivity. Many of these applications are accessed through the Weill Business GatewayWBG is designed to streamline business processes while increasing compliance and productivity. It enables WCMC staff, administration, and faculty to easily manage their financial and employee data through a common interface.

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Clinical Systems

Weill Cornell's out-patient clinical information systems are managed by the Weill Cornell Physician Organization Information Services (POIS) and Business Office (POBO) groups.

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ITS supports a standard set of desktops, laptops, printers and operating systems. By standardizing our devices, we can ensure hardware compatibility with supported WCMC applications and an efficient response time for identifying and resolving issues. We are constantly evaluating and certifying our hardware standards to provide our users with the latest technology to address their ever growing needs.

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Email & Calendar

ITS email services provide various solutions to meet WCMC's ever-growing needs for a reliable and secure means of communication and management of daily schedules.

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Event Services

ITS is a participating member of the Event Services Office, a specialized office that provides end-to-end support for events held within the Medical College.

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IT Security & Privacy

ITS uses proactive and reactive technologies and best-practice processes to ensure a safe and secure computing environment for all faculty, staff, students, and guests of WCMC.

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Online Collaboration

To facilitate collaboration both within Weill Cornell and with the greater academic world, ITS provides an array of collaboration services including screen sharing, instant messaging, document management, and videoconferencing.

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Phones, Fax & Directories

With a growing demand for mobility, ITS not only provides phone services for many WCM locations but offers competitive pricing for mobile devices and services from major vendors. In addition, directories published by WCM and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital provide users access to contact information for faculty, staff, and students across the institution.

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Print Media & Duplicating

ITS provides a suite of services dedicated to ensuring that institutional brochures, reports, and posters are professionally designed and printed.

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ITS provides a range of project management services to help ensure you implement the right IT system based on your business needs, budget, and schedule that also complies with institutional standards.

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Research Administrative Systems

ITS, in conjunction with the college's research offices, develops and operates systems used to administer and manage Weill Cornell's cutting edge research.

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Research Informatics

At Weill Cornell Medicine, researchers can make use of a host of comprehensive, state-of-the-art computing resources. In addition to scientific computing resources for high-performance applications, investigators also have access to multiple online resources to support the research enterprise, covering everything from electronic health record (EHR) reporting, to clinical trial support, to secure online analysis of research data sets. 

For assistance navigating the options below, or if your request does not neatly fit into one of these categories, please feel free to contact us directly:

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Storage & Servers

ITS manages data centers in various campus locations, housing a wide range of institutional and departmental systems and data. To protect these services, we employ cutting edge technology to ensure our systems are running smoothly. This includes consistent monitoring of the data center, disaster recovery plans, backup systems, and other measures to keep our services online with minimal downtime. 

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Technology Purchasing

For all software and hardware purchases, Information Technologies & Services (ITS) offers consulting services and recommendations based on your needs and budget. We maintain and enforce minimum requirements for the hardware to be connected to the WCMC network, as well as a list of vendors that offer discounted prices for WCM purchases.

ITS also provides portals for faculty, staff, and students to provide educational discounts on personal purchases from many of our preferred vendors.

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Web & Application Development

ITS offers a wide range of services to help all organizational units of Weill Cornell Medical College communicate through the web. Whether building a new web site or helping departments understand their data, the cross functional teams that support web and application development services strives to improve how the College communicates and operates on the web every day.

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WiFi & Networks

Information Technologies & Services (ITS) provides solutions for network connectivity within the WCMC campus, from remote WCMC locations, from home or when you are on the road. Our network infrastructure ensures that given the appropriate permissions, users can access WCMC resources from anywhere.

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ITS hosts and provides many powerful business tools for administrators at Weill Cornell.

Faculty & Researchers

ITS provides all faculty technical services that help with both administration and instruction.

IT Professionals

As an IT professional, ITS offers many systems and resources for you to manage your daily tasks.


Whether working with patients or handling administrative tasks, staff at WCM has access to a variety of services to perform day-to-day functions.


During orientation, students are provided a user name (also known as a CWID) and password to access various services that ITS offers.


As a visitor to Weill Cornell, we offer many services to get online and interact with the Medical College.

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