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Weill Cornell Medicine's wireless network service provides laptop and mobile users with fast and secure access to email and web-based services. It is available in most campus buildings, listed as "WCMC" and "eduroam." A guest network is also available to visitors on campus who do not have access to eduroam wireless.

What's Included

ITS supports the following Wi-Fi networks:  

WCMC, our main network

In general, when you're on campus, you should connect to the WCMC Wi-Fi networkWCMC provides secure access to the internet and all institutional resources with an ITS-tagged device. If you're working off-campus and need access to institutional apps and resources, you should connect to WCMC through our VPN service. 

Untagged Device Network

Faculty, staff, and students who wish to connect their untagged devices (e.g., personal laptops, Internet of Things devices, gaming consoles, etc.) to the internet can use the Apollo network. Apollo offers non-secure connection to the internet, with no access to WCM systems or applications, apart from Papercut printing services. You can register untagged devices for Apollo access by visiting apollo.weill.cornell.edu (use a computer connected to the WCMC network access this site). Review our instructions on how to self-register your IoT dorm devices for the Apollo network.  

Apollo is available at the following locations:

  • Lasdon House
  • Olin Hall
  • Student Midtown Center  (570 Lexington Ave.)
  • Weill Greenberg Center
  • Belfer Research Building
  • Weill Cornell Medicine Main Campus (1300 York Ave.)
  • Weill Cornell Medicine Midtown Offices (575 Lexington Ave.)

Guest & Visitor Networks

Campus guests can access the WCMCGuest network for non-secure access to the internet. Guests who work at an eduroam partner university or research institution can access the authenticated, unrestricted eduroam network with their institutional credentials.

Wi-Fi Network Comparison

Internet accessgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
WCM internal resource & apps accessgreen checkmark
Requires active CWID to usegreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Requires device registrationgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Requires tagged devicegreen checkmark
Allows access to vpn.weill.cornell.edugreen checkmarkgreen checkmark

Cost and Fees


  • Requires ITS-tagged device, which incurs an annual fee for support and a one-time connection fee. See our Rates page for more details. 

eduroam, Apollo, and WCMCGuest

  • Available at no cost

Service Requirements

WCMC: You must have a tagged device. Contact the Service Desk or visit the SMARTDesk for assistance.

Apollo: Please note that devices expire one year after the initial registration date and must be renewed. To renew your device, please log into apollo.weill.cornell.edu and register the device again to start a new annual cycle. 

eduroam: You must be part of an eduroam partner institution to access this network. Faculty, staff, or students who visit other partner institutions (e.g., Cornell University) can log in using their WCM email address and password

Frequently Asked Questions

Which institutions use eduroam?

eduroam is available at hundreds of educational institutions in the U.S. and thousands more around the globe. To find out which institutions use eduroam, please click the links below: 
U.S. eduroam locations
International eduroam locations

What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is an authenticated wireless network which allows users from participating institutions to access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution.

Who can use eduroam?

While on the WCMC campus: 
At this time, if you work for or attend Weill Cornell, you will not need to use the eduroam wireless network while on campus. You should be using the WMC Secure wireless network to have seamless access to all WCMC resources.

If you are a WCMC visitor, you can log into eduroam provided you are part of a partner institution.

While off campus:
If you work for or attend Weill Cornell and are visiting a partner institution that uses eduroam, you can use your WCMC credentials to log into their eduroam wireless network.



Use this service

  • To access WMCGuest wireless, select the network from your available wireless access points. You must agree to the usage policy to gain access.

  • Visitors from an institution that supports eduroam can locate the eduroam wireless network on their device and use their own institutional credentials to access our network.

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