Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • MFA
  • Duo

ITS has partnered with Duo Security, an easy-to-use two-factor authentication system which adds an extra layer of security for faculty, staff, and students to help safeguard their data and ITS services when outside of our network. Duo allows you to use your mobile devices to provide a second layer of authentication as opposed to just the use of passwords. The video below demonstrates how easy it is to log in with Duo: 

What's Included

Duo is required when accessing the following sites from off campus. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your institutional accounts, particularly when you are abroad and are not on a secure network:

  • myApps
  • Webmail
  • Office 365 desktop apps, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Native mail desktop and mobile apps connected to Outlook (i.e., Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Android Mail)
  • Office 365 collaboration apps, including OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint

Other services may require Duo authentication when accessed off campus in the future.

Cost and Fees

Duo is available at no additional charge.

Service Requirements

Duo is available to all WCM faculty, staff, and students. You will need one of the following devices in order to register with Duo:

  • Mobile phone (highly recommended)
  • Tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is a security best practice that requires more than one type of security method when logging in to an application. An authentication method can include something you know (a password or PIN), or something you have (a unique code).

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection that makes it more difficult for anyone to gain access to your accounts, even if your password has been compromised.

How will my login experience change with Duo?

Your login experience will only change when you are accessing a Duo protected service in a way that it determines two-factor should be invoked, such as accessing myApps from another country.

You will continue to log into the service using a CWID and password, “something you know.” Duo then, based on a policy decision, asks for the second level of authentication by utilizing a code “something you have.” The code can be easily be accessed from a smartphone app, SMS, or voice call.

How do I enroll in Duo?

On your start date at Weill Cornell Medicine, you will receive an email from Duo with enrollment instructions. Click the link to continue and complete the enrollment. For a full overview of how to enroll in Duo see this KB article: Duo Enrollment Workflow.

You can utilize Duo on many devices, including:

  • Mobile phones via app
  • Tablets via app



Use this service

Follow the instructions on the Duo registration page to properly register your devices in the system.

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