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Also known as: 
  • Fax
  • Server Fax
  • Analog Fax

As email and web-based technologies for exchanging documents electronically and securely continues to grow, fax management has evolved so that the transmission of faxes (both paper and electronic data) can now be integrated and automated via a network server. The eFax service provides WCM users the ability to send and receive not only from standalone fax machines and analog lines, but from desktops and Xerox multifunction devices as well. 

Cost and Fees

Current pricing for this service is available on our Rates page under the “Phone & Conference Services” category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive faxes sent to me?

Delivery options for faxes sent to your fax account (if enabled) can be configured for:

  • Email attachment (can be sent to either individual email address, or distribution list)
  • Print (can be printed to any ITS Tagged network printer/Xerox
  • Network Share – can be saved to a network folder
  • Standalone fax machine – can be forwarded to another phone number associated with a legacy standalone fax machine
  • Client – can be viewed using the Rightfax application on your desktop.

How can I send faxes?

  • Configured Xerox MFC
  • Client – Rightfax application installed on your desktop
  • Standalone fax machine – can be sent from an analog line



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