Also known as
Also known as: 
  • SharePoint Document Management Service
  • SharePoint Website
  • SharePoint Custom Applications
  • O365

SharePoint is a Microsoft application that makes it easier to share and organize information with your colleagues in one place. SharePoint services can be customized on any level for your department or project team needs to allow you to collaborate on files and content. With this service, you no longer need to worry about duplication of files or files getting lost or deleted. SharePoint offers you a document management central location, ability to manage access easily, automatic backups, versioning, online real-time editing, sharing of documents and much more!

Key Features

  • Upload/drag & drop supported electronic documents (e.g., PDFs and Office documents) into SharePoint
  • Maintain document version history and easily restore to the previous version
  • Quick and easy document retrieval using SharePoint enterprise search
  • Apply specific institutional and departmental policies on documents to automate retention, and auditing
  • Create metadata taxonomies and site templates so that departmental SharePoint sites conform to standards, while providing limited customization to meet users special needs
  • Shared calendars: manage team and project events, sync your Outlook calendar, and show your users important dates to track
  • Wiki pages, department internal intranet Sites: share important content, training videos, contact information and other content within your team, department or across the institution
  • Business Process Automation: use SharePoint to automate various processes including automation, notifications, document approvals, list-management, alerts and forms

What's Included

  • SharePoint Site Collection Hosting
  • 2 hours site design
  • Unlimited Tier 1 support
  • Web training
  • Daily data backups
  • Site Administrator training and certification

Cost and Fees

Basic SharePoint Hosting - $1,500 per year

5 hours of site design, configuration, and customization, site training, automatic backups

Advanced Customization - $120 per hour

Includes customization greater than what is offered in basic service. This includes building custom solutions on the SharePoint platform, building business process automation and special requests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SharePoint HIPAA compliant?


Can I share my SharePoint documents with people outside of Weill Cornell Medicine/NYP?

Yes. Users from approved institutions can be granted access to files and sites in SharePoint.

How are SharePoint sites typically set up?

Our SharePoint team recommends one SharePoint site per department. This site can be broken down further into specific teams or groups, allowing certain people in your department to have access to necessary files. 

Note that every SharePoint site is customized to your specifications. When you request a SharePoint site, you will meet with a developer who will assist you with creating your site and addressing your department’s specific needs.



Use this service

Please note that you must have a valid CWID and active account to access SharePoint Online. VPN access is not required. 

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