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Also known as: 
  • Qualtrics
  • REDCap

For administering surveys for administrative, clinical, operational, research, and other purposes, Weill Cornell has multiple web-based tools available to faculty, staff, and students. Using both Qualtrics and REDCap, members of the Weill Cornell community can build and deploy web-based survey forms to capture anonymous responses as well as sensitive data compliant with federal privacy and security regulations. ITS offers guidance on which survey tool to use for a particular project.


Qualtrics, an industry leading survey tool, is available to all Weill Cornell Medicine faculty, staff, and students for use. Qualtrics offers powerful yet easy to use functionality to create, launch, and manage surveys. It is recommended for web-based data collection for most Weill Cornell Medicine business.


REDCap Survey offers many of the same functions as Qualtrics, but with enhanced support for managing identifying data about survey subjects. It is recommended for research studies, particularly those that collect PII or PHI. REDCap Survey is offered through the Weill Cornell Medicine CTSC.

Cost and Fees

There is no cost for using Qualtrics.

There is no cost for research use of REDCap. Non-research use of REDCap incurs a fee of $500 per year per database, which is charged by the CTSC.

Service Requirements

Surveys created in Qualtrics or REDCap are subject to multiple Weill Cornell Medicine policies. These include, but are not limited to:

Users creating surveys that are part of human subjects research are responsible for acquiring and maintaining all necessary Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, including informed consent forms.



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