Internet2 is a collaboration among more than 200 higher education institutions, as well as corporations, government agencies, and research and education networks to develop advanced networking and applications for learning and research. Partner institutions with Internet2 are able to connect at 10 gigabit speeds to transfer important data back and forth across this high-speed network.

All users at Weill Cornell have automatic access to Internet2. This makes transferring files between WCM and other Internet2-connected institutions, particularly large amounts of research data, faster and more reliable than working over commercial Internet.

Video: Internet2 Community: Enabling The Future

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Cost and Fees

Internet2 is available at no additional charge to users with an ITS-tagged device.

Service Requirements

You must have an ITS-tagged device to automatically be connected to the Internet2 network.



Use this service

When transferring data from WCMC to other Internet2 partner institutions, your information will automatically be sent over the Internet2 network.

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