Staff Training System (LMS)

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • LMS
  • LSO
  • Course Catalog
  • Learning Management System
  • SuccessFactors

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides you with easy access to manage your training. You can register from our web portal for courses that include self-paced, instructor-led courses, or in-person instruction on campus.

You may use LMS if you are an employee who needs certification or training on applications used at WCM. To access LMS, you need to log into the Weill Business Gateway and selecr theĀ Learning.

What's Included

  • Course library with training from several departments, including ITS, Human Resources, and others
  • Important certification courses, like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), General Compliance & Physician at Teaching Hospital (PATH) certification, and others*
  • Register for self-paced, instructor-led, or in-person training
  • Ability to track your learning progress

*Please note that access to certain courses is based on your role at the college. There are some courses that may require approval from your supervisor or Department Administrator. This approval will come in the form of a Weill Business Gateway Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (WBG GRC) Request. Please check with your supervisor if you are unsure about what certification you may need for your position. For more information on this process, please visitĀ our Forms page.

Cost and Fees

Access to LMS is available at no additional cost.

Service Requirements

All WCM employees are eligible to access the course catalog by logging into the Weill Business Gateway with their CWID and password.

Affiliates and temporary employees not paid by WCM, may also access LMS if they are registered for training via approval from their department manager or administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take HIPAA training?

Training in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is required for all WCMC employees, regardless of whether your work is patient-related. When you begin your employment at WCMC, Human Resources will indicate how you can take HIPAA training in WTMS. This training must be completed within the first 45 days of your employment. Please note that all Weill Cornell employees, regardless of how long they have been working for the institution, may be asked to retake their HIPAA certification when updates are made to the policy. Your department will be notified if you are required to retake the certification.

How can I add course content in LMS for others to see?

Training Administrators and instructors can upload and administer course content in LMS. If you require this access, please contact for more information.

What courses are available in LMS?

There are dozens of courses in the WTMS course catalog. You can view available courses by logging into the Weill Business Gateway and clicking the "My Workspace" tab. Once there, you will find a link to "Learning" and be able to search the entire course catalog to view all course offerings.




Use this service

Log into the Weill Business Gateway and click the Learning tile.

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