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Registering your smartphone with ITS gives you access to your WCM email, calendar, and wireless network, while securing your smartphone with MobileIron to protect both you and WCM's network.

What's Included

  • MobileIron management software to protect your smartphone
  • Access to WCM email, calendars, and contacts through Outlook on the web, the Outlook 365 app, or Apple or Android mail (please note that not all features from Outlook are available via Apple and Windows mail and ITS may only provide only limited/best effort support for these two clients)
  • Access to WCM Wifi networks
  • Access to the WCM App Store for installation of institutional software

Cost and Fees

Smartphone registration is available at no charge.

Service Requirements

All smartphones requiring access to WCM services must register with MobileIron for device management and application of institutional security policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my smartphone registered?

We put together a couple of step-by-step guides to help you register your phone:

What is MobileIron?

MobileIron is a mobile device management (MDM) system that provides ITS with a means of governing mobile access to WCM resources, including email, calendar, contacts, and other central applications. Through the use of MobileIron, which is a free application that is installed on a governed mobile device, ITS has the ability to configure devices with the appropriate WCM settings to allow access to Wi-Fi networks, a WCM email account, and WCM applications. As a benefit to both WCM and the end user, MobileIron helps manage compliance with security policies and other regulations by enforcing device encryption and the use of a passcode to reduce the risk of accidental or improper disclosure of data In the event the device is lost or stolen.

Is MobileIron required for my mobile device?

Yes. Any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) configured with a WCM email account (or wishing to access the WCMC Wi-Fi network) must have MobileIron installed. Without MobileIron, WCM cannot ensure the security of all devices with WCM data. In the event the device is lost or stolen, there are no assurances that WCM data has not been breached or inappropriately disclosed. Weill Cornell's faculty, students, and staff create and share a wealth of information on their mobile devices every day, much of which may be confidential. Should your device become lost or stolen, ITS can locate or wipe your device remotely at your request to make sure this data never gets into the wrong hands. Even if you do not regularly work with confidential data, it can protect the other content on your phone and is necessary for inventory tracking by your department. Not only does it protect you, it protects everyone who does business with Weill Cornell.

But I don't access clinical or confidential data. Do I still need MobileIron?

Yes. WCM's definition of confidential data extends beyond protected health information (see ITS 11.03 - Data Classification). If you use your mobile device to access the WCMC wireless network, you are using Weill Cornell resources and will need to have MobileIron installed.



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