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ITS supports the entire community of Weill Cornell -- from students and staff members to researchers and visitors. Make sure you're set up and secure by reading our guides below. They explain things to do, services to explore, and the policies you should know. 


ITS hosts and provides many powerful business tools for administrators at Weill Cornell. Weill Business Gateway is the hub for payroll, finance, and business reporting. myHelpdesk allows you to create requests for new computer or mobile device connections, as well as generating reports on your ITS bill. You can also submit or track a previous support request, and interact with your support ticket.

If you are new to Weill Cornell, please make sure you create a new password on the myAccount website, and update your profile in the Web Directory.


Faculty & Researchers

ITS partners with our faculty to provide an array of technologies that assist with administration and instruction. While our website offers information on all of our available services, this page narrows down those that are most commonly used by our faculty. ITS is here to guide you should you have any questions.

New to WCM?

Our ITS Liaisons can provide guidance on IT services to ensure your technology needs are being met. The team will arrange a one-on-one meeting with you to discuss our services and assist in getting you up and running.


Our faculty brochures offer an overview of the services you’re eligible to access: 

You can also view our Get Help section for more details on where to go for assistance.


IT Professionals

As an IT professional, ITS offers many systems and resources for you to manage your daily tasks. We offer Managed Hosting for hosting a centrally location application or database store. ITS also manages a Central File Sharing service in several service tiers, which you can use for backup or as your central file repository.  If you are looking to purchase or upgrade your systems with new hardware or software, you can contact our Computer Sales Group for a consultation. For submitting and tracking service and support requests, you can use the myHelpdesk site.

If you are a new IT Professional to Weill Cornell, please make sure you create a new password on the myAccount website, and update your profile in the Web Directory.



Whether working with patients or handling administrative tasks, staff at WCM has access to a variety of services to perform day-to-day functions. Aside from provisioning hardware like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, ITS offers an array of commonly-used applications, such as email and calendar, and the Microsoft Office Suite. All staff are assigned a user name (also known as a CWID) and password, which allows access to even more online applications, like the Weill Business Gateway,, File Transfer Service and more.

If you are a new staff member, please make sure you create a new password on the myAccount website, and update your profile in the Web Directory.



Students are provided a user name (also known as a CWID) and password to access various services that ITS offers. Additionally, all new Physician Assistants (PA) and Medical Doctor (MD) students are given an iPad, Bluetooth keyboard and an Apple Pencil for their studies, which allows them to participate in video conferences and view recorded lectures, complete course content and access useful mobile apps. Along with a CWID and iPad, students are also provisioned with a WCM email account. The SMARTDesk can encrypt and set up students’ mobile devices to access WCM resources.

If you are a new student, please make sure you create a new password on the myAccount website, and visit the SMARTDesk for any technical assistance you may need with your new iPad.

Students can take advantage of significant discounts on personal hardware purchases, as well as software for your personal devices.

Student Connect Requests

Students should use the Computer Services Order Guide in myHelpdesk to submit device connection requests to ITS. Select the Student Device Connection option in the first question about Request Type. This option eliminates all billing-related fields as students do not get charged tag fees.  

Students can tag up to five devices, but we highly recommend using the student-specific Apollo network to self-register personal devices.



As a visitor to Weill Cornell, we offer many services to get online and interact with the Medical College. For those visiting from the main Cornell campus in Ithaca, ITS provides the eduroam wireless network for connectivity. If you are not from a campus that is a part of the eduroam collective, you can use the WCMCGuest wireless network to get online, but please be advised this is not as secure. If you have any IT related questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our SMARTDesk located in the Weill Cornell Library Commons at 1300 York Avenue.


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