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Clinical Data Reporting

The increased use of electronic applications has exponentially increased the volume of data at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC). This data must be transformed to usable and relevant information that the WCMC community can rely on to make critical decisions that affect their respective group's daily operation, performance, and efficiency. 

The Physician Organization Information Services (POIS) and Financial Services (POFS) Data Warehousing and Reporting groups, using Business Intelligence and expertise in technical reporting principles, are committed to assisting the WCMC community in the development and support of reporting needs. Generated reports are consolidated from a variety of clinical, billing, and administrative sources, primarily Epic, to provide data relationships that were previously unavailable. These reports provide departments or groups a comprehensive view of their data and enable informed decision making, which translates into:

  • Improved patient care
  • Increase physician productivity
  • Increased revenue
  • Cost reduction
  • Time savings
  • Reduced open encounters
  • Increase charge collections
  • Increase accounts receivable collection rates
  • Decrease rejections
  • Focused EMR alerts
  • Assist researchers target and determine their test criteria
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance
  • Allows our stakeholders to better understand our organization
  • Develop process efficiency through a better understanding our patients

What's Included

  • Business Intelligence, derived from business intelligence tools, enhances a customer's understanding of their data (i.e. research data or practice information) to allow for better decision making
  • Assess reporting needs to recommend and develop reports in the appropriate format (i.e. Excel, PDF, text, or HTML) based on user's data specifications
  • Provide enhancements to existing reports to serve department's or group's changing needs such as change in metrics or how the reports are used
  • Training service and support, specifically for Cognos Analysis Studio and Cognos Connection
  • Access to self-service analytical cubes, which are a packaged collection of data developed with a range of data parameters that have been efficiently designed for fast data analysis

Cost and Fees

Pricing varies based on size and complexity. 

  • To request a report, please submit requests to POIS Data Warehouse Reporting (intranet access required)
  • For Cognos training, which is a requirement for Cognos access, please send your training request to POFS Training

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