Listserv and Distribution Lists

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • Exchange DLs
  • Mailing Lists

Distribution lists allow users to send email messages to a group of recipients via one email address. Lists are a common shared communication channel for departments and divisions. 

There are two primary types: Listservs and traditional distribution lists in Outlook Exchange.


These are ideal for medium- to large-sized email distributions (over 100 addresses). The list manager can use a web portal to manage the list and any subscribers, as well as other features. Members can opt out of a list if they wish (depending on the configuration). This service is best for large departments, or institution-wide emails, and can accommodate external email recipients.

Exchange Distribution Lists

This is ideal for smaller groups of fewer than 100 email addresses, and does not require the use of the web-based portal to manage membership. This is best used for internal emails, and does not include external email addresses.

What's Included

  • Email distribution lists for groups or departments
  • Up to 5MB attachments can be sent to the list
  • Ability for list owners to manage recipient lists through email or a web interface (Listserv only)

Cost and Fees

Provided at no additional charge.



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