Service Requirements

All users requesting EndNote must have a Weill Cornell CWID and a tagged computer. More information can be found on the library's website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive the desktop version of EndNote?

All WCM faculty, staff, and students are eligible to receive a free copy of EndNote’s desktop version, but only on an ITS-tagged device. Our licensing allows you to install a copy of EndNote on up to two devices, one of which can be a personal device.

You can also set up an account to access the web version of EndNote. You can create any login you would like (i.e., does not have to include your CWID).

How do I download a copy of EndNote?

Our licensing agreement with EndNote does not allow our users to install the software themselves. However, ITS can install a copy of EndNote on your tagged device, at no cost to you, at the SMARTDesk or by remotely logging into your computer.

Contact our Service Desk and ask one of our technicians for assistance in installing EndNote on your device.

How do I access the web version of EndNote?

Visit www.myendnoteweb.com and log in. If it’s your first time accessing EndNote online, you will need to create an account on the WCM network by connecting on campus or via VPN. You can create any username and password you would like.



For questions about use, email infodesk@med.cornell.edu.

Use this service

Contact ITS via the SMARTDesk or myHelpdesk to open a ServiceNow incident for the request.

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