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WCM Drupal for Labs is a specialized version of WCM Drupal, pre-configured and pre-built for representing research labs at Weill Cornell.  Using WCM Drupal for Labs, lab managers can quickly drop typical content describing research labs into a professional, institutionally-branded website framework and have their lab visible to the world without requiring a full website build project.

What's Included

Features include:

  • A responsive base theme that matches institutional brand standards
  • Content areas for information about the lab, research projects, a lab team directory, publications (with PubMed integration), and news updates
  • Drag and drop content placement
  • Integration of college-wide information during emergencies
  • Single sign-on for authentication for site managers

WCM Drupal for Labs incorporates all security updates for Drupal core to ensure an up-to-date and well-maintained site. New releases are deployed to sites quarterly, or as needed based on security releases.

Cost and Fees

The WCM Drupal for Labs platform itself is available freely to the Weill Cornell research community.

Qualifying faculty lab sites have their hosting covered centrally at the "Small" tier. Lab sites requiring larger hosting tiers require a signed Web Hosting agreement.

Labs requesting assistance with content generation or entry may request it through the Web Maintenance service at the current published rate.

Service Requirements

Site go-live requires a pre-launch check by ITS Digital Engagement. 

In your initial request, please provide these items to get the process started:

  • The primary researcher (Their name will most likely be used for the site address)
  • Your 8-digit fund number (needed for adding your site to our systems but not used directly for charges) 

  • Your WCM Department & Division

  • Designated Administrator (Who will be in charge of the site)

  • Other Editors (A list of people with WCM emails that will be authorized to edit your lab site.)

  • Lab Phone Number

  • Lab Email

  • Lab Physical Address



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