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How to use File Transfer

The File Transfer Service is a resource that you can use to securely send confidential data to someone outside of the WCM community (e.g., those with email addresses not ending in or You may also use the service to send files that are too large for the email server to handle.

If you have a legitimate business reason to send confidential data to someone outside of the WCM community, you may use the File Transfer Service to send it to them securely. Always check with your Department Administrator or supervisor before sending confidential data outside of WCM.

How does the File Transfer Service work?

When you send a message using the File Transfer Service, the recipient will receive a message containing a link to the file to be downloaded. The recipient will then need to sign into the File Transfer Service in order to retrieve the file. 

How to use File Transfer

  1. Go to the File Transfer Service website at
  2. Sign in with your complete email address (e.g., and password.
  3. Fill out the To, Subject and Body of the File Transfer Message as you would a normal email. Be sure not to include any confidential data in any of these fields.
  4. Click on the Choose File button and locate the file that you want to send, then wait for the file to be attached to the File Transfer Message.
  5. Click Send

The recipient of the message will receive an email indicating that they have a file waiting for them to be downloaded through the File Transfer Service. They will need to create an account using their email address in order to sign in and retrieve the file.

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