How to use FindTime

FindTime is an add-on feature in your Office 365 email account that allows you to automate your meeting scheduling. With FindTime, you can have your meeting attendees vote on their preferred date and time, and then automatically have a meeting invite sent to everyone based on their responses. 

Since FindTime is a Microsoft product, it's integrated with our WCM emails accounts and can view availabilities in everyone's calendars. You can even have attendees from other institutions join in on the voting. 

Do I need to install FindTime? 

No, it's available in all WCM email accounts. Just look for the FindTime icon when you open an email or a calendar invite to activate a poll: 

findtime icon.png

Do other meeting attendees need FindTime installed on their email accounts to participate in a poll? 

No, anyone can participate in a poll - including non-WCM users - to select a meeting date. You only need FindTime installed to create meeting polls. 

How to create meeting polls with FindTime

Here's more detailed information on how to use FindTime: 

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