Projects: How Do I Get Started?

If you have an project request that you would like ITS to manage, please read the below, which explains the steps for submitting a project request and getting it through the approval process.

Note that templates, guidance documents and samples of documents referenced below can be found on our Resources & Templates page.

Step 1 - Requester Completes a Project Request Form

To submit a project for review by the ITS PMO, please complete the Project Request Form (PRF). The PRF captures all the necessary information from the requester to initiate a review process of the requested project.

Step 2 - PMO Clarifies Request

Once the PRF has been received, a PMO team member will be assigned to meet with the requester to gather additional information pertaining to the project request, and help to shape this information into a Project Charter. This activity is necessary to clarify the goals, objectives, assumptions, constraints and risks associated with the project request, so that PMO the can evaluate the request.

Step 3 - Project Review Committee Reviews Project Charter

After the Project Charter has been validated and updated, the charter is reviewed by the Project Review Committee (PRC). The PRC is made up of the ITS Senior Leadership who meet bi-weekly to review Project Charters. The PRC provides guidance and approvals to ensure the right projects are being worked on at the right time, and the necessary resources are available to work on them.

Step 4 - Customer Review of Project Charter

Once approved by the PRC, the project manager meets with the customer to review the Project Charter. The customer signs the Project Charter upon approval of its details.

The project has now completed the 'Identify' phase of the Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC), and is ready to move onto the "Plan" phase.

Disclaimer: Completing the submission process and meeting with PMO and/or other ITS personnel does not guarantee project approval. PMO management of a project entails agreement by all parties that signing of contracts for acquisition, analysis, support and maintenance for any project-related hardware, software and consulting/services be coordinated through the PMO organization.

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