Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum file size I can email as an attachment?

The maximum file size is 25 MB if you are sending the attachment via Outlook or Webmail. To send larger attachments up to 35GB, use the File Transfer Service.

What is Focused Inbox?

Focused Inbox helps you focus on the emails that matter most to you. It separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Emails you need to act on right away are in the Focused tab, while the rest wait for you in Other. You can switch between tabs at any time to take a quick look.

Focused Inbox is available to all Office 365 customers using the Monthly Channel of Office 365 ProPlus, in Office 2019 for Windows and Mac, and in Outlook for iOS and Android. It replaced the Clutter feature in Jan. 2020.

Visit the Microsoft website for more information about using Focused Inbox. 

How do I search for NYP contacts in Outlook/Webmail?

NYP is still in the process of migrating to Office 365 for its email system, so it is currently not possible to search for updated NYP contacts using the Global Address Book in Outlook or Webmail.  Later in 2022, we will work with NYP to re-visit options for a possible shared Outlook Address Book, so please stay tuned for more info.

If you are a WCMC employee and you need to search for an NYP contact, you should use the WCM Directory.

How often will I get an End User digest?

By default, you will receive an End User Digest once a day around 6 p.m. (EST) if messages have been placed into your quarantine since the last digest was sent.

I don’t want to receive End User digests anymore. How do I stop them?

If you don't want to receive a digest, you can change your settings in your Proofpoint account:

1   Log into

2   Click "Profile" on the left sidebar

3   Select "Settings"

In the "My Settings" window, uncheck the box next to "Send digest with new message in my End User Digest." If this box is unchecked, you will no longer receive a digest.

end user digest

Can I connect my personal email account to my WCM Outlook account?

Office 365 Outlook (formerly Outlook Web Access) allows you to simplify your inbox and connect up to five additional email accounts so you can send and read all your email in one place. While this feature would permit you to connect your personal email with your Weill Cornell Medicine email account, ITS does not permit this integration.
Unlike adding separate mail accounts in the Outlook desktop client, connecting email accounts in Outlook on the web downloads and stores all external email messages in your Weill Cornell Medicine account. By virtue of this integration, all personal email will be discoverable and scanned by our data loss prevention software under the same terms as work email, as defined in the ITS 11.08 - Use of Email and ITS 11.09 – Data Loss Prevention policies. In addition, ITS will have no means of separating integrated personal email from work email. Should your relationship with Weill Cornell Medicine end, we will not be able to provide an export of your personal email messages.
For these reasons, ITS does not permit the connection of personal email accounts in Outlook on the web. If you have any questions, please contact Brian J. Tschinkel, Information Security Officer, at

How do I request the creation of a WCM email/calendar account?

As of January 23, 2017, a specific subset of WCM faculty, staff, and students will get Office 365 email/calendar accounts created automatically when their CWID is created. 

Office365 email/calendar accounts will be automatically created for:

  • Exempt, non-exempt and temp employees at WCM
  • Full-time employed faculty at WCM
  • Students enrolled in certificate, masters, MD, PhD programs (does not include Tri-Institutional PhD students)
  • Temp employees from agency at WCM

All others should ask their departmental or divisional administrator to activate the account via the Identity Dashboard. 

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