Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Teams to chat with anyone at WCM?

Yes, if your contact has an email address, they will be available on Teams. Please note that this does not include WCM-Qatar or Cornell Ithaca.

Can I use Teams to chat with people outside WCM, like NYP staff?

Outside users from certain peer institutions (like NYP, MSK, and the Ithaca campus) can be added as guests to Teams by submitting a request. Guests have limited access to Teams functions, which is detailed in this Microsoft Guide. We are exploring solutions to cross-connect our chat systems with NYP and will have more information in the future.

Can I share high-risk data (like HIPAA-protected patient data) through Teams?

 Yes! For most regular use cases, especially with other WCM faculty/staff/students, Teams can be used for collaboration on high-risk data.

Is Teams replacing Zoom?

There are currently no plans to replace Zoom. We still recommend that you use Zoom for pre-scheduled meetings, especially with attendees who are outside of WCM. Teams has collaboration features that let you quickly turn a one-off chat into a screenshare or video call.

We use Skype for Business all the time. Is it going away?

Yes, Skype for Business will be phased out in Spring 2020. We recommend you move to Teams soon to simplify your transition in the spring.

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