Information on new BlueBorne security vulnerability

This week, the security research firm Armis Labs announced a new critical security vulnerability affecting Bluetooth-enabled devices. The vulnerability, aptly known as BlueBorne, “spreads through the air” (no physical contact with the device is required) and may allow an attacker to take control of a device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

This vulnerability affects Bluetooth-equipped Windows computers, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, and Linux computers.


What actions do I need to take?

  • ITS-tagged Windows computers will receive this patch this month. Run Windows Update on your personal computers to ensure they are patched.
  • Mac OS X computers are not vulnerable.
  • Android devices should be updated with the latest available security patches.
  • iOS smartphones and tablets should at least be running iOS 10.
  • Linux computers should be updated with the latest security patches available.
  • To be safe, turn off Bluetooth on your devices when not in use!


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