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Billing Policy

Reason For Publishing this Guidance

To provide our customers a set of guidelines that details the ITS cost recovery process.

Services and Rates

Services provided by ITS are detailed in the ITS Service Catalog and may have recurring or one-time costs associated with them.  

All services and rates are reviewed annually by senior ITS leadership and approved by the Executive Vice Dean for Administration and Finance.  Rate changes are communicated through the ITS-Billing list, Department Administrator meetings and posted on the ITS website prior to the 4thquarter of the preceding fiscal year.  


The billing cycle runs monthly and captures data from the previous period.   

The monthly billing charges are run in batches and provide the department with a complete statement of all services rendered for a given month.  

Billing batches are identified in the following format: FY##-##-#, where:

  • FY## is the identifier for the fiscal year in which the batch occurred.
  • ## is a sequential identifier for the fiscal period of that fiscal year. The first fiscal period of the fiscal year will be 01, the second 02, and so on.
  • is a sequential identifier for unique revisions and versions of a particular fiscal period. A "0" indicates the first batch for the fiscal period. This identifier may be incremented for major revisions or for correction batches (see below “Correction Batches”).

For example billing batch "ITS FY19-01-0" is for FY19 period 1 and is the first run.

Correction Batches

The most common types of billing corrections are:

  • Data entry or transcription errors
  • Fund expiration, insufficient fund or holds 
  • Grant fund rejections (per Research Accounting)

When ITS is unable to cost recover for a service, the ITS Billing team contacts the departmental administrator to resolve billing issues. 

Error corrections are batched separately. The batch number is similar to that of the primary batch, with the last identifier incremented. Charges run as part of Error Correction cannot be reversed.

For example billing batch "ITS FY19-01-1" is for FY19 period 1 and the first error correction.

Modification and Disconnects 

Departmental Administrators or their designees are expected to:

  • review the billing batches as they become available in WBG;
  • notify ITS of any changes to fund numbers for tagged equipment;
  • notify ITS of any changes to the "user" of tagged equipment;
  • notify ITS of any changes to the "location" of tagged equipment;
  • notify ITS if fund numbers have expired

To modify or disconnect a service the request must be submitted in ServiceNow or Support ticket detailing the changes requested.

All changes to billing data must be received by close of business on the 23rd (or preceding business day should the 23rd not be a business day) of a given month to be effective in the billing cycle for that month.

Please note that ITS can only accept a single fund or WBS number per device or user to have services billed for.  Splitting of charges across multiple grant or non-grant funds must be handled by the customer.

Reading your ITS Bill

ITS monthly service charges are reflected in WBG BI reporting under GL 708007 “ITS Auxiliary Internal Expense”.  Using the Go To function a user can pullup detailed billing information for a specific RollUp.   The Go To function will give the user read only access to the full list of tags billed under that batch.  Reports will remain available in the system for a minimum of 12 months.

Disputed Charges / Refund Procedure 

ITS issues refunds for device disconnections if they are requested using Modifications and Disconnects but not applied to the billing batch appropriately. 

Refunds requested within the previous three billing cycles of a current fiscal year will be honored. Refund requests over 90 days or in a previous fiscal year are not eligible for refunds.  Refunds will be processed manually prior to the next billing cycle.

Unfortunately, refunds can only be provided for the reasons listed above. The following reasons are explicitly not justifications for a refund:

  • Billing information changes requested after a batch is run.
  • Lack of use of previously ordered and delivered services.
  • Dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Prorated Charges 

If a device is requested to be connected or disconnected mid-cycle ITS will bill a rounded percentage of the charge for the month. 

Non-Core Service Billing

Services that do not get billed as part of the monthly billing process are collected separately as necessary. Please contact the service owner or the ITS billing staff for more information regarding billing timing for non-core services.

Escalation Procedure

In the event of dissatisfaction with the billing procedure, escalation should follow the following path:

  1. Odalys Rey, Revenue Administrator
  2. Daniel Splitgerber, ITS Departmental Administrator
  3. Dr. Curtis Cole, Chief Information Officer

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