Cloud Document Storage: Box

1.   What is Box?

Box is a simple to use cloud collaboration solution that allows you to access your content anywhere, anytime on any device. With Box, you can store and manage your documents from multiple devices, manage who can view and edit your documents, and check version history. You can also use real-time editing and collaboration tools to update documents in one convenient space. Documents stored in Box can be shared among other Box users.

2.   Eligibility for Box

Weill Cornell Medicine exempt employees, non-exempt employees, full-time faculty, or students enrolled in degree or certificate programs are eligible for a free Box account with unlimited storage.

3.   Acceptable Data to Store in Box

In accordance with ITS policy 11.03 - Data Classification, Weill Cornell Medicine classifies data into three risk areas: high, moderate, and low. No high risk data may be stored, uploaded, shared, or accessed in Box. Moderate and low risk data may be stored in Box. The data owner is responsible for understanding the institutional data definitions and determining if the data is high risk.

4.   Accessing Data in Box

Box can be accessed via any web browser by going to You may log in using your WCM CWID and password. Box offers mobile applications and sync clients, however, you must be using a device that is both tagged and managed by ITS in order to store/synchronize data locally on your device. This ensures that all devices storing WCM data are at a minimum level of security in the event of loss, theft, or other security incident.

5.   Sharing and Collaboration

A prominent feature of Box is the ability to share documents with others and collaborate in real-time. Sharing of moderate and low risk data is permitted between internal and external users at the discretion of the data owner. However, to maintain an audit trail, sharing must be with a named Box account (i.e., no sharing with an anonymous link).

6.   Box Data and Departure from WCM

In the event that you leave WCM, you will no longer have access to your Box account. Any personal documents should be migrated out of your WCM Box account prior to leaving the institution.

7.   Auditing of Box Accounts

In order to ensure compliance with this policy, ITS will randomly audit Box accounts and scan the contents with our data loss prevention (DLP) software. Any files identified to be high risk data will be quarantined, thus preventing them from being uploaded to Box. Repeated audits and successive discoveries of high risk data may result in revocation of your WCM Box account.

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