Microsoft Campus Agreement & Licensing

Please read this document carefully, as it explains the rights and responsibilities of all WCMC users under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Work-at-Home Program (WAH)

Information Technologies & Services (ITS) offers the Work-At-Home (WAH) program to all Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) faculty, staff and students as part of WCMC's Microsoft Campus Agreement. The Work-At-Home (WAH) program allows current faculty, staff and student to install and use Microsoft Office and selected Microttitsoft Windows Operating Systems at home for campus-related work.

This offer is effective as long as Campus Agreement is in place, and the licensed individual is employed or affiliated with WCMC. The current Campus Agreement is in effect through July 31, 2010 and is evaluated annually. As long as the Campus Agreement is renewed annually, users can continue to use the software. Users are required to remove the software from their home machines immediately upon expiration of the licensed period or if their employment or affiliation with Weill Cornell Medical College ends.

Information Technologies & Services (ITS) is not responsible for the installation, configuration or troubleshooting of Work-At-Home products on personally-owned computers.


  • All Weill Cornell Medical College faculty, staff, and students with an active Center-Wide Identifier (CWID) are eligible for the Work-at-Home software download and media (CD/DVD) made available through Campus Agreement licensing.
  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital staff and faculty are not eligible for this program, unless their primary affiliation is with Weill Cornell Medical College.
  • Weill Cornell Medical College staff and faculty primarily affiliated with the WCMC-Qatar campus are not eligible for this program.
  • Adjunct faculty and retirees are not eligible for Work-at-Home media.

WAH Product Availability, Pricing and Ordering Information

Software download and installation CDs/DVDs can be purchased for a minimal cost Installation does not require a Volume License Key, but the software must be registered with Microsoft after installation to ensure continued functionality. 

Windows 7 Installation Information

For help with the installation of Windows 7, please refer to Microsoft's Installing Windows: recommended links page.

Products Licensed Under The Agreement

The following products suites are licensed under the Microsoft Campus Agreement effective August 1st, 2007:

  • Microsoft Office 2008 for Macintosh
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows

These software titles will herein after be referred to as "the Software".

Work Rights

You are granted the right to install the Software on any institution owned or leased computer for work-related purposes.

The right to run the software is limited as follows:

  • No ownership rights of any Software or fixes are transferred to you or the college. Microsoft reserves all rights not expressly granted.
  • You may not separate the components of the Software across multiple computers, except as provided in the product use rights.
  • You may not rent, lease, commercially host, or lend any copy of the Software.
  • You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software, except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law despite this limitation.
  • You may not make copies of the Software and/or distribute the Software on media.
  • The components of the software vary by platform. You may run only the components of the software that are included on the platform you choose to deploy.

You are not entitled to free telephone support from Microsoft for the Software. ITS will provide basic assistance with installation to ITS tagged computers.

Work At Home Rights

Faculty and staff are granted the right to install the Software on one (1) personally owned computer for work-related purposes only. This software must be removed immediately at the termination of the agreement or the end of your employment or affiliation with Weill Cornell Medical College, whichever comes first.

You may not create copies of the installation materials in either physical (such as burning to a CD) or electronic (such as duplicating the installer) forms.

Student Rights

Students are granted the right to use the Software on one (1) personally owned computer or an institution-owned computer designated for the student's exclusive use.

Students are only licensed to use the software during the agreement period. These licenses are temporary, meaning the student does not own the license. Upon leaving the school or expiration of the agreement, students are required to remove the software.

Students who graduate while the campus agreement is valid will be granted perpetual use rights for a single license of the current version of the Software. Graduates will receive a Student License Confirmation from ITS at that time. You must retain this Student License Confirmation if you wish to continue using the Software.

Other Rights

During the terms of the agreement, you are granted the right to run the Software in any available language. This includes the right to run the Multi-Language version of Office and its corresponding features, such as a global interface and multi-language proofing tools.

You are granted the right to run any new versions of the Software that are released during the licensed period. Additionally, you may run any previous version offered by ITS of the Software in place of the current version. These upgrade and downgrade rights also apply to the individual components of the software.

ITS reserves the right to contact users who have accepted this agreement about necessary software updates, changes to the agreement, compliance audits, and other relevant information as pertaining to the agreement.


To indicate your acceptance of this agreement, please click the following link. You will be prompted for your WCMC CWID and password. Successful authentication indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of this licensing agreement.

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