Scientific Computing Training Series

Cornell University’s Center for Advanced Computing together with Weill Cornell Medicine's Scientific Computing Unit, ITS, and Clinical and Translational Science Center are pleased to offer a new Scientific Computing Training Series. 

Training sessions are open to all workforce members and students of Cornell University, WCM, WCM-Q, and Cornell Tech. They are free of charge.

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More topics to come Winter and Spring 2023!

Nov. 1: Data Transfer Tools

Instructor: Ben Trumbore

Description: An introduction to the numerous tools that can be used to transfer data between computer systems and to cloud storage. Different tools offer different transfer speeds, security, and ease of use, and some automatically recover from failures and allow syncing between systems. Tools covered in this session include FTP, SCP, SFTP, rsync, rclone and Globus.

Prereqs: Familiarity with basic Linux commands.

Time: 9am-10am EST

Slides + Recording:


Nov. 9: Introduction to Modern R Data Analysis

Instructor: Christopher Cameron

Description: Overview of R Studio interfaces (scripts, console and Rmarkdown notebooks) and popular modern data manipulation and visualization packages in R (especially ggplot and dplyr). This is primarily useful for people seeking an entry point into the R ecosystem for research and data analysis tasks.

PrereqsSome experience with statistical concepts and tabular data formats or spreadsheet software.

Time: 9am-10am EST

Nov. 15: Introduction to Jupyter Lab for Python

Instructor: Christopher Cameron

Description: Jupyter Notebooks are a popular format for scientific communication that intermingles descriptive text, code, statistical analysis, results, and visualizations in a single document. This workshop showcases the features of Jupyter notebooks, demonstrates how to use and share notebooks effectively, and explains how to address common pain points. This workshop is useful for people who send, receive or use Jupyter notebooks. 

Prereqs: A basic familiarity with interactive Python is helpful but not required. 

Time: 9am-10am EST

Dec. 6: Introduction to Python

Instructor: Chris Myers

Description: An introduction to both the Python programming language and the broader Python software ecosystem of packages that support different sorts of tasks, for those interested in learning the language or deciding if Python is something that they want to learn more about. Where pertinent, connections to other programming languages and technical computing environments will be highlighted.

Prereqs: No knowledge of the Python language is assumed. Some prior programming experience in any language would be helpful, since there will be some expectation of familiarity with basic programming concepts.

Time: 9am-10am EST


Dec. 13: Linux for Researchers

Instructor: Steve Lantz

Description: Presents an introduction to using Linux operating systems. Includes practical techniques for working with the file system, descriptions of common commands and information about customizing a user’s environment. Can be tailored to a specific flavor of Linux.

Prereqs: Some familiarity with hierarchal file systems and a modern computer operating system (macOS, Linux, or Windows).

Time: 9am-10am EST

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