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Also known as

Also known as: 
  • SAP Lumira
  • Data Visualization
SAP Lumira is an application you can use to visualize and create “stories” about your data. From manipulating, editing, formatting, and refining data, to creating visualizations that represent data graphically, to finally sharing the visualizations – building stories in Lumira starts and ends with your data. Import data from Excel, perform visual analysis using intuitive dashboards, and securely share insights and data stories with your team.
Note that Lumira currently accepts data files that are in Excel, .txt, or .csv formats. Additional data sources will be made available in the future. 
Learn more about how to use Lumira with this Video Playlist:
  • Select and Prepare Data: Videos 1-10
  • Visualize Data: Videos 11-15
  • Compose/Create a Story: Videos 16 & 17
  • Infographics: Videos 18-25
  • Share your story: Videos 26-28

What's Included

  • Select and prepare data from a spreadsheet or similar file
  • Chart Builder tool to instantly create visualizations
  • Create storyboards, infographics & reports
  • Share information with colleagues

Cost and Fees

Lumira is available at no additional cost.

Service Requirements

Lumira is available to all WCM faculty, staff, and students who have a Windows device tagged by ITS. 
Lumira is not currently supported on Virtual Desktops (VDI) or Macs, but we are working on implementing it on these devices soon.  In the meantime, the Windows machines in the Samuel J. Wood Library have Lumira installed for public use.

Use this service

Lumira can be downloaded and installed on ITS-tagged Windows machines. View our installation instructions

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