High Risk Data Attestation

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • attest.weill
  • Attestation
  • High Risk Attestation

The High Risk Data Attestation is a regulatory requirement that must be done annually (once per fiscal year) by all WCM faculty, students, employees, and other workforce members with access to WCM systems. 

The completion of the attestation is designed to help our community by acknowledging that they understand how to protect high risk data.

The attestation is housed at https://attest.weill.cornell.edu and is accessed using a WCM CWID and password. 

What's Included

This attestation records if the user works with, or could reasonably be exposed to, protected and regulated data, including protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and other confidential data.

The attestation contains a series of statements that the user must answer (True/False/Unsure). The user is encouraged to respond truthfully and accurately, without fear of retaliation, as the responses will be helpful to the institution about how high risk data is protected. The statements an individual receives will depend on whether they interact with high risk data as part of their job.

Service Requirements

A user must have an active WCM CWID and email address to log into and complete the attestation



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