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Security Reporting & Consultation

ITS offers additional security monitoring beyond our basic services. Departments seeking a more in-depth review of their security setup and policies, especially concerning sensitive data, can contact our Security team for consultation. 

This can include implementing a monitoring and alert system for servers and applications, data reports, and consultations within the institution and with an external vendor, if needed.


What's Included

Security Monitoring - Includes security, change monitoring, and alerting for departmental servers/applications with sensitive data.

Departmental/Divisional Sensitive Data Report - Data loss prevention report (identifies whether protected health information is present) or user recertification access review (identifies individuals or groups who have access to an application or file share).

ITS Security Consultation/Assessment - Includes security reviews and risk assessments. Assesses external vendors, new software, architecture, networking, policies and procedures, etc. and overall security management.

Consultation with External Vendor - Outside vendor can be contracted to assist in an engagement, including penetration testing, application security reviews, etc.

Cost and Fees

  • Security Monitoring: $1,550 per year
  • Departmental/Divisional Sensitive Data Report: $1,050 per report
  • ITS Security Consultation/Assessment: $135 per hour
    • With an external vendor: $250 per hour


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