Social Determinants of Health Data

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • Geocoding
  • Geocode
  • SDOH
  • Geospatial

The built environment can be a valuable source of data on patients, providers, and health care services. For researchers seeking to understand the relationship between neighborhood-level social determinants of health or other geography-specific factors and patient outcomes, ARCH can provide the latitude/longitude of patient addresses, as well as the FIPS codes for their census tract, census block group, and other geographic units. Using this data, researchers can examine hypotheses about the relationship between the environment and health. Since geocoded data is considered to be PHI, researchers must have obtained proper regulatory approvals before ARCH can release this data for a cohort of patients. 

You can search SDOH today and can get patient specific data through the following data request links:  



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