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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is SharePoint HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I share my SharePoint documents with people outside of Weill Cornell Medicine/NYP?

A: At this time, users that do not have a valid CWID or NYP username and password are unable to access SharePoint sites on the WCM network. This is due to complying with security requirements, including HIPAA, to prevent confidential data from being leaked.

ITS is currently working on integrating our SharePoint system with the Office 365 Cloud service, which should allow users outside of our network to access your documents securely. More news about this development will be distributed when it is available.

Q: How are SharePoint sites typically set up?

A: Our SharePoint team recommends one SharePoint site per department. This site can be broken down further into specific teams or groups, allowing certain people in your department to have access to necessary files. 

Note that every SharePoint site is customized to your specifications. When you request a SharePoint site, you will meet with a developer who will assist you with creating your site and addressing your department’s specific needs.

Q: What are the recommended uses for SharePoint?

A: There are multiple ways you can customize your SharePoint site, but these are a few of the features you can have:

  • Document management
  • Lists and forms
  • Workflows – approvals, alerts, and notifications
  • Team sites collaboration
  • Wiki pages
  • Team calendars
  • Discussion board
  • Blog
  • OneDrive
  • Task management
  • Database and custom solutions

Q: Can I access SharePoint from home or off campus?

A: Yes, if you have a VPN client or access WebVPN (

Q: Can I edit documents within SharePoint?

A: Yes. SharePoint is ideal for version control to allow multiple users to edit a document and save the latest version online.

You can edit documents in a Microsoft application (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.) or within your browser.

Q: Can I connect my team calendar in SharePoint to my Outlook calendar?

A: Yes. If you would like to keep track of important dates and events listed in your SharePoint calendar, you can import them into your personal Outlook account.

Instructions are available here

Q: How much storage is available?

A: Each SharePoint site comes with 5 GB of space for documents. If you require more, that can be configured into your site for an additional fee. Our SharePoint developers will confirm this with you during your initial consultation.

Q: What service can I use to store PHI?

A: Departmental file shares and SharePoint are appropriate for storing PHI. ITS is actively vetting and exploring possible cloud storage solutions for PHI and other high risk data types.

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