New Apollo wireless network for students

WCM students who need to access the internet using a personal (non-tagged) device - like a smart TV or Google Home – can now gain access with a new wireless network, Apollo. Download our Apollo flier to keep this info handy.

How do I access Apollo?

  1. Go to This site is only accessible from on campus on either WCMC or WCMCGuest wireless, or remotely while connected to AnyConnect VPN.
  2. Log in with your WCM credentials.
  3. Register the devices you’d like to add to the network. For further instructions on how to register your device read this Knowledge Article: How To: Self-Register IOT devices in dorms to connect to Apollo SSID

Where can I access the Apollo network?

You can access the Apollo wireless network at the following locations:

  • Olin Hall – 1st floor student lounge, and residential floors 5 – 10
  • Lasdon Hall – Residential floors 6 – 15
  • Belfer Research Building
  • 1300 York Main campus
  • 570 Lexington Ave – Student Midtown Center

What internet resources can I access on Apollo?

The resources available to you on Apollo are similar to what you’d get on a guest network at a coffee shop. Most internet sites will be accessible, as well as, but other WCM resources, like fileshare, will not. For those, you’ll need a tagged device that can access the WCM network.

Important reminder! 

Devices expire one year after the initial registration date and must be renewed. To renew your device, please log into and register the device again to start a new annual cycle. 

Need Help?

(212) 746-4878
Open: 24/7 (Excluding holidays)
WCM Library Commons
1300 York Ave
New York, NY
9AM - 5PM
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575 Lexington Ave
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