11.13 - Directory

Policy Statement

All WCM employees are responsible for maintaining a Directory profile which contains accurate, updated, and relevant information about their position at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Reason for Policy

Maintaining a complete, accurate, and updated profile in the Directory fosters and eases communication among individuals at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Entities Affected by this Policy

Weill Cornell Medicine

Who Should Read this Policy

All employees, faculty, students, and affiliates of Weill Cornell Medicine.

Web Address of this Policy



Direct any questions about this policy, 11.13 – Directory, to Brian J. Tschinkel, Chief Information Security Officer, using one of the methods below:

  • Office:                         (646) 962-2768
  • Email:                           brt2008@med.cornell.edu

1.   Overview

The Directory is an aggregate of contact information from various systems of record at Weill Cornell Medicine. The Directory is accessible online at https://directory.weill.cornell.edu. Various data attributes are visible depending on the publication settings within a user’s profile. 

The Directory contains information about the following types of active people: 

(1)   employees at WCM and WCMC-Qatar,

(2)   faculty and non-faculty academics at WCM and the WCMC Graduate School,

(3)   students (although published information may be limited due to FERPA), and

(4)   affiliates, such as NYP, HSS, or volunteers. 

The Directory is fed from a variety of systems and feeds, as listed in the Definitions section of this policy.

2.   Individual Responsibilities

In order to ease and facilitate communication among the institution, all WCM employees must publish current contact information in the Directory.

2.01      Accuracy of Information

All WCM employees are responsible for maintaining the information contained within their profile. Contact information should be updated at least annually, or in the event of a change in phone number, email address, or location. Photographs should have been taken within the past five (5) years.

2.02      Preferred Name

Anyone may choose to identify themselves within the WCM community with a preferred first and middle name that differs from their legal first and middle names. 

Legal names are maintained in the appropriate systems of record, such as SAP for employees, ASMS for faculty, or Jenzabar for students. Legal names appear in employee records (e.g., payroll documents), student records (e.g., financial aid documents, official transcripts, diplomas), federal requests for information, academic certifications, and federal immigration documents. 

Preferred names are maintained in the Directory and appear in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and other downstream systems that utilize Directory data, including building security badges. Preferred names may not be used for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation. WCM reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language.

2.03      Required Visibility of Phone Numbers

All WCM employees must have one phone number listed published to WCM (preferably the employee’s direct number, otherwise a department number). 

All exempt employees and faculty must have one phone number published to Public (preferably the employee’s direct number, other a department number). This number need not be published to Public for non-FLSA exempt employees.

2.04      Required Visibility of Email Addresses

By default, WCM-issued email addresses will be published to Public. At the WCM employee’s discretion, they may reduce the visibility of their WCM-issued email address to WCM (institution). 

Individuals with email addresses issued from a WCM affiliate (as maintained on the WCM website) may be published to WCM. These affiliate addresses may be published to Public at the discretion of the individual in compliance with the affiliate institutions’ policies. Only email addresses ending with @med.cornell.edu, @qatar-med.cornell.edu, @cornell.edu, @nyp.org, @hss.edu, or @mskcc.org can be published to WCM or Public. Only these email addresses can be set as a primary email. 

Personal email addresses or other professional email addresses not ending in one of the above domains may only be published to Department or Emergency (ITS policy 11.08 – Use of Email must be respected for appropriate communication.)

2.05      Required Visibility of Locations

All WCM employees must have a location published to Public. Valid locations are available from the Directory drop-down menu.

2.06      Required Submission of Emergency Contact Information

WCM maintains “Weill Cornell Alert” to provide emergency information and instructions. Weill Cornell Alert can send simultaneous notifications to all faculty, staff, students, or select groups via: 

  • Cell phone (voice and text messaging)
  • Home phone
  • Work phone(s)
  • Alternate phone
  • Home and work email
  • Pager
  • Fax


All WCM faculty, staff, and students are required to add their emergency contact information in their Directory profile (using the Emergency drop-down option) in order to be added to the Weill Cornell Alert system. This information will not be displayed on your Directory profile as it will only be used by the automated emergency notification system.

2.07      Appropriateness of Photographs

All WCM employees are encouraged to publish a professional business headshot to the Directory. Published photographs will synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and other downstream systems that use Directory data.

Photographs must include the face, head, and shoulders in a plain background not cropped too closely to the head. Photographs must be in color and of an acceptable resolution (photographs should be a minimum of 200 pixels wide and 72 DPI). 

In order to qualify as a profile picture on the Directory, individuals should be posed and in professional attire. Selfies, pictures taken with a cell phone, and action or candid shots (such as sitting at a desk, giving a talk, or during a meeting) are not acceptable and are subject to removal. Photographs should have been taken within the past five (5) years. 

WCM employees may have a professional photograph taken in Art & Photography by contacting Patricia Kuharic at pkuharic@med.cornell.edu.

3.   Additional Resources

The following additional resources are available: 

4.   Definitions

These definitions apply to institutions and regulations as they are used in this policy.

  • WCM                            Weill Cornell Medicine
  • NYP                             NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • HSS                             Hospital for Special Surgery
  • FERPA                         Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as amended, 20 U.S.C. 1232g, which protects student records

These definitions apply to systems of record as they are used in this policy.

  • Directory                       WCM’s official online directory which compiles information from a variety of data sources and fosters communication within the WCM community
  • ASMS                           Faculty Affairs system for tracking faculty appointments (Academic Staff Management System)
  • SAP                             Human Resources system for tracking employees
  • POPS                           Physician Organization Profile System, for tracking clinical contact information
  • Avaya                           WCM’s phone system
  • Jenzabar                      Student information system

These definitions apply to the options for publishing various data attributes.

  • Public                           Viewable by all users (e.g., accessible to the internet)
  • WCM                            Viewable by users logged in to the Directory or users accessing from within the WCM network
  • Department                   Viewable by members of the individual’s primary department
  • Emergency                   Not viewable, but accessible to emergency contact systems
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