Audience Response System

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Polling
  • Live Polling
  • Real-time Polling
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Poll Everywhere is WCM's web-based enterprise audience response solution. It transforms one-sided presentations into two-way conversations with the audience by allowing you to embed interactive activities directly into your presentation. The audience responds using a web browser or via SMS texting on their phones. Responses can be anonymous our tracked for grading purposes.

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As part of the WCM enterprise subscription, presenters will have the ability to conduct live real-time polls with large or small audiences, collaborate on polls with colleagues, and use WCM branded templates. 

Poll Everywhere can be used on its own or embedded inside PowerPoint and also with Canvas LMS and MS Teams. Poll Everywhere also offers surveys which are non-real-time polls sharing the same platform.

What's Included

Our institutional Poll Everywhere accounts include:

  • Up to 1,600 responses per poll: Poll audiences large and small.
  • Reporting: View response results after your presentation.
  • Moderation: Ability to moderate responses as they come in real-time.
  • Collaboration: Ability to create teams of presenters who share templates, polls, participants, and response reports.
  • Integration: Can integrate with PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, as well as Canvas LMS.
  • Branded polls: Audience response experiences are tailored to match WCM's official branding requirements.
  • Security: Includes identity access restrictions, encryption, regular third-party audits.

Cost and Fees

Poll Everywhere is available at no additional cost to WCM.

Service Requirements

Using Poll Everywhere for presentations requires the presenter to be connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Poll Everywhere recommends a dedicated connection with a minimum of 10 mb per second for the presentation computer. 



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