Imprivata Tap and Go

Also known as
Also known as: 
  • badge readers
  • OneSign
  • Imprivata Single Sign-On

This service is currently in its pilot phase and is not widely available to WCM. More information on this service will be announced in 2023.  

Imprivata Tap and Go provides both a convenient and secure way to log into clinical workstations. Instead of having to enter your CWID and password multiple times a day, you can use Tap and Go to log into your computer by simply tapping your WCM badge to a special reader connected to your computer. This saves time for busy clinicians who need to access systems while meeting with patients, accessing reports, and more.  


What's Included

  • Imprivata badge readers on selected workstations

  • Installation of Imprivata software on selected workstations 

  • Enrollment assistance from ITS staff 

Cost and Fees

Current pricing for this service is available on our Rates page under the “Security Services” category.

Service Requirements

Implementing Tap and Go requires coordination with a clinical office to:  

  • Determine if your office meets criteria for pilot phase 

  • Provide and confirm computer tag numbers, and which computers are privately used or shared (e.g., exam room kiosks) 

  • Provide and confirm the CWIDs and roles of people who access office computers 

  • Determine which computers will be connected to badge readers 


ITS staff will work with your office to ensure these items are in place during the enrollment process 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my badge with Imprivata Tap and Go?

Once you receive your Tap and Go license, please follow these instructions to register your WCM ID card. 


I don't have my ID card. Can I still log in with Imprivata Tap and Go?

Yes. Imprivata Tap and Go also allows staff to sign in with their CWID and password. Watch our video about logging in for more information.  

How do I get access to Imprivata Tap and Go?

Currently, Imprivata Tap and Go is being tested with various departments and is not widely available. However, you can contact your practice manager or ITS Departmental Liaison to inquire about when Tap and Go can be available at your location.





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