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Also known as: 
  • research registry
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WCM has historically restricted investigators conducting prospective interventional and/or observational research from directly contacting patients to ascertain their interest in participating in a particular study, even if they meet the inclusion criteria. Known as the “no cold-calling” rule, this guidance was designed to protect patient privacy – instead, investigators have historically worked with treating clinicians to introduce the study opportunity to eligible participants.

To allow patients interested in participating in research and open to contact from investigators to make their preference clear, WCM has implemented a new dialogue during eCheckIn for visits with WCM physicians whereby patients can elect to be included in a registry of patients who have already consented to be contacted for research opportunities by investigators who are not their treating physician.

Through an established workflow, WCM investigators can reach out to patients who have provided this consent to offer them the opportunity to participate in a research study. Patients are contacted via MyChart message and offer their response through the same mechanism, after which researchers can contact these potential participants directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do patients consent to be contacted for research?

During Epic MyChart (also known as Connect) eCheck-In, patients are given the opportunity to indicate their preference (Yes, No, or Undecided) and sign a consent form to participate in CCR. Patient preferences are then stored in a secure database.  

Who is eligible for the Consent to be Contacted for Research protocol?

Any patient with a visit at NYP-WCM (including East and Lower Manhattan campuses) and/or NYP-Columbia is eligible for the CCR protocol.  

Can I see the patient’s Consent to be Contacted for Research preference in Epic/MyChart?

No, researchers will not be able to see if a patient has indicated that they are interested in being contacted for research through their chart directly and should contact for more information.   



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