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Also known as

Also known as: 
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Secure Remote Access Services
  • Web VPN

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure way for off-campus WCM users to access restricted internal resources.

There are two forms of VPN available:

  • WebVPN: This is available to all WCM faculty, staff, and students, as well as residents at NYP's east campus, who need to access WCM resources and sites when they are offsite. It is preferable to traditional VPN services because software does not need to be installed, making it an easy and secure way to access WCM resources anywhere you have an Internet connection. WebVPN can be accessed by logging in with your CWID and password at

  • VPN client: VPN offers the same access to WCM resources that WebVPN does, but it requires software installation on your computer by an ITS technician. Access to the VPN client is limited; if you have questions about this service, contact the Service Desk.

What's Included

You will be able to remotely access to web-based resources that are only accessible from within the WCMC network. A few examples include:

  • Physician Organization Profile System (POPS)
  • WCM Intranet
  • Weill Business Gateway

To access Weill Cornell Medical Library resources, please use EZproxy

Cost and Fees

No charge for:

  • WCM faculty, staff, and students
  • WCM affiliates and external groups

Service Requirements

Users requiring a secure internet connection to access internal WCM resources must have a VPN tunnel in order to gain access. WebVPN is accessible to anyone with a CWID and password.



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